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"Do you want a clean,

quality, modern day

Tattoo that will

withstand the test

of time??"

Come down and see the team at Soular Tattoo where good old fashioned service meets the modern technology and ideas of today.

Soular Tattoo is a fresh new Christchurch tattoo studio established by Matt Parkin. Matt has spent most of his tattooing career in New Zealand and Australia working along side some of the most talented artists in the industry.

Soular Tattoo's number one priority is your well being - you can be assured that the highest of hygiene standards are practiced at all times. Just as important is exceeding customer expectations and having them walk out the door with an awesome, one of a kind tattoo and a smile from ear to ear!

The artists at Soular Tattoo are more than competent in all styles but specialise in Portraits, Geometrical and dot work shading, Black and grey, Neo Traditional and also Color work - please enjoy viewing the gallery and they look forward to hearing from you soon for a no-obligation free consultation.

We are open 7 days a week - 10am - 6pm and later by appointment.



I've been tattooing for over fifteen years and painting for longer, I am a self taught artist, but love to attend courses and conventions to advance my art as often as time allows, I enjoy doing alot of black and grey work, portraits , Skulls and Bio are some of my favorite things to do. Very recently I have started to use more color in my pieces and am looking forward to using alot more, design wise I am proud to be able to tattoo any style quite well, and I think, this knowledge only comes from working in street shops for many years where you are put on the spot and have to draw the piece straight away, with not alot of prep time. my studio Southern Ink was on colombo street and it was a high traffic "street shop" ..... that was before the feb 22nd earthqauke, which destroyed the studio, most of the city and killed my apprentice "Matti" R.I.P.

Everything in the studio was lost, we managed to retrieve some machines and bits and pieces but all my awards and "everything" inside the shop was gone, a very strange feeling after working in the same place for thirteen years. After this I decided to leave the city for awhile and work in Australia with friends in their studios and took a trip too England as well to work with a good friend.


This is where things changed for me ! I had slowed everything down and I felt alot more aware of what I was doing with my tattooing and painting, I didn't feel the need to rush anymore and that was a great feeling, I also think the quality of my work increased, so after working in a few overseas studios, when I returned home, I felt the need to work from a private studio where things where quite and relaxed, so I built one.

After working in my private studio for nearly a year an opportunity arose for me to secure a studio in a busy part of Christchurch, The rest is history :)

Soular Tattoo is Christchurch's newest tattoo studio specializing in portraits, whatever style tattoo you are after, we can do it.

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Hi guys , Heidi here. I was originally born in South Africa but I have lived in New Zealand for quite some time now. Being raised by a pride of lions, living in straw hutts and riding our elephants to school, the South African culture is not very big on tattooing, mostly its frowned upon. So as a child I wasnt very exposed to the culture of tattooing. It's only after I moved to new zealand that it sparked my interest.... Now i've been tattooing for 3 year and loving it. I produce nice, clean and tidy work. I have always been artistic and have studied art throughout highschool. As a child I painted the walls of our hutts with mud mixed with elephant dung for practice. I like doing any kind of work at the moment, so im open to anything anybody presents and I'm willing to work with the client until me and you are satisfied with the end product :) If you do decide on getting a tattoo, make sure to drink a cup of concrete to harden up so your tattoo will hurt less :) Have a nice day!!

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Thomas has been tattooing for almost 7 years and specializes in Watercolor work and soft painterly styled tattoos, although he also enjoys working on both Black and Grey realism, and delicate Fine Lined pieces. If you would like to set up a booking or a consultation with Thomas, please contact the studio! :)

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My name is Heath.
I've been in love with art before I first arrived on Earth.
When I was a youngling, I was always busy drawing, painting ,watching cartoons, playing video games and reading comics.
Basically I was always in my own creative dream world.
I started tattooing with Matt in Christchurch around 1997. I have since been wandering around exploring different places and have now returned.
I enjoy doing most styles, from black and grey, nature realism to japanese to comic book characters.
I also like the challenge and satisfaction of doing successful cover-ups and fixing old tattoos. These days I still love drawing, watching cartoons, playing video games and reading comic books.
My vocation is to provide visual stimulation in the form of ink penetration for your third eye activation!

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Kia Ora my names Abraham I'm a bearded Maori boy from Gisborne! I'm a father of 3 little ones and a fiancée.

Im a self taught artist and have been tattooing for 9 years now. I moved down to Christchurch 3 years ago to give my daughter a better chance at life by being able to send her to Van asch school for the deaf.

I make clean solid Moko and American traditional tattoos and love banging out some solid script.

So if you want to get tattooed by me please don't be intimidated by my ruggedly handsome good looks! just come have a chat an we will make your dreams come true hahaha.

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Hi, my name is Federica, I'm an enthusiastic soul from a small town close to Venice, Italy.

The first time I put a pencil in my hand, I was 3 years old, now I never leave home without one!. I started studying art at high school where I finally got my degree as a painter at the renowned fine arts academy of Venice.

While studying I got interested in the world of Tattoos and I started tattooing my friends for fun, then after a couple of years it became my vocation. I got pretty busy and I would travel all around Italy as a guest artist but it wasn't enough for me and after 8 years I finally decided to travel overseas where, between travels and conventions, I've ended up in New Zealand.

I've now been tattooing for 10 years, I enjoy working with colors in general, but also love realism, animal portraits, watercolors, trash polka ect ... any style where I can express myself:) I'm very open to the ideas of clients and can't wait to put my spin on your idea!

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Hi! My name is Kate, and I am rapidly approaching my second year of apprenticing at Soular Tattoo. Growing up in the rural North Island I developed a love for nature which has carried over into my art. I studied for four years to obtain my Bachelor of Visual Communication Design (honors) Majoring in Illustration.

Although I am enjoying learning various tattooing techniques, I find my personal style leaning towards more neo-traditional work, as well as black work and fine line pieces. I'm currently working at reduced apprentice rates, so whether your interested in a flash piece, or a one off custom design, feel free to contact the studio for quotes or design requests.

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I've had a passion for art ever since I was a kid. I'm a self taught artist and have put a lot of work in to growing my painting skills over the years. I've been tattooing for over 20 years now. Along my tattooing journey I've worked in Australia and New Zealand, I've owned my own studio and met lots of rad people. I enjoy painting, meeting cool human beings, travel, spending time with my family and spiritual vibes.

I love all styles of tattooing and enjoy the ritual of it, but have a special passion for Japanese tattoo, bold strong designs and traditional Americana. Tattoo's that last as long as you do!

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OUR Work
Guest Artists

We require a $100 deposit to secure all appointments, which will come off the final cost of your tattoo. Deposits can be paid in Studio by cash or EFTPOS, by PayPal or into the following account:


*Important* Please use your full name, appointment date and artist name as your reference details!
*Please note* Unfortunately we can only process International Payments via PayPal. If you wish to make a payment internationally, or would prefer to use PayPal, please contact the studio for more information. Once you have made the transfer, please contact us to let us know (screenshots are always helpful).

Deposit Policy

A $100 deposit must be made by cash, EFTPOS or by bank transfer at the time of booking your tattoo appointment. Deposits are non-refundable, but are not an additional charge, and will be deducted from the total price of your tattoo work. If your tattoo requires multiple sittings, full payment must be made at the end of each appointment. The deposit will be held and deducted from the cost of the final session.

*Please note* Rescheduling your booking less than 48 hours prior to your appointment will result in loss of deposit, and a new payment will be required in order to schedule a new booking.

1. Remove the wrap

Your artist will apply aftercare to your fresh tattoo and wrap it for you, leave this on till you get home.

2. Clean your tattoo

Wash your hands and then wash your tattoo well, with warm soapy water, and either pat dry with a clean towel or allow to air dry.

3. Apply the cream

Apply a thin layer of Hustle Butter Deluxe once completely dry, making sure your hands are clean. A little goes a long way.

4. Continue washing your tattoo

Be sure to wear clean, loose fitting clothing that will not rub, irritate or stick to your tattoo. Continue to wash your tattoo at least twice a day, applying aftercare when necessary to avoid it drying out too much.

5. Do not pick your tattoo

After a few days, your tattoo will dry out, begin to flake and start to feel slightly itchy. This is a normal part of the healing process .... DO NOT pick at it or scratch it!

6. Keep it clean

It's important to treat your new tattoo the same as you would any other superficial graze ... keep it clean, dry and try not to fuss over it too much! With a little time and patience your tattoo will heal in 7 - 10 days. If you have any further questions regarding aftercare or the healing process please dont hesitate to contact us.

Or drop in... upstairs @ 299A Main South Road, Christchurch, New Zealand
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